Sensory Friendly Performances

Our Sensory Friendly Performances are designed for audience members that would like a fun and relaxed experience, including but not limited to audience members on the autism spectrum, those with unique needs, and those with dementia/Alzheimer’s. These concerts are between 30-60 minutes and have a welcoming and relaxed environment where audience members are free to talk, dance, walk around, and have fun. House lights will be turned on but dimmed, and audience members are welcome to take breaks in the lobby if/when needed.


There is no dress code for our sensory friendly performance. Please wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable.


Feel free to bring your own motivational devices including iPads, headphones, or drawing pads to enhance your experience.


You may bring snacks but note that some of our performance venues do not allow food in the auditorium space. Feel free to leave the performance at any time to have your snack in the lobby.


An usher will take your ticket and show you to your seats.

Right before our show starts, our emcee will be center stage to welcome you and say hello before the show begins – you can say hello by waving!
The performance is about one hour in length. Feel free to stay for as long as you like! During the performance, feel free to move around, talk and use your own reinforcements and motivational systems.

House lights will be turned on but dimmed.

Our ushers will be happy to assist you if needed. Don’t hesitate to ask!

When the performance is over, you can clap, wave your hands, or say “bravo!” to let
the performers know how much you liked it!

Thank you for coming to our show and we hope to see you again soon!

We would like to say a special thank you to everyone that helps us
make these shows possible. If you had a great experience today,
we love when you tell your friends